About Me

Launched in February 2018 Anoblogue is for all you Xennials out there to relive the moments in technology that shaped our lives. We got to experience things like the VCR, personal computers, Cd’s, DVD’s, OMG the list is soooooo long!

I’ll share my experiences and opinions on how technology impacted my life and its constant evolution.   I mean, will we ever see flying cars? We’re almost living like the Jetsons, right?

Dennis is a tech geek, plain and simple.  Loving anything with lights growing up  I would take my toys apart to see how they worked, sometimes I could put them back together, sometimes I could create something new and other times, well, at least the experience was fun!

“Let’s reminisce on the past, live the fullest in the present and make future dreams a reality”. – Dennis Pinargote (hopefully there isn’t anything else written like this out there)




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