What is Fortnite? Conclusion.

In my last blog I discovered what Fortnite was about, interviewed a 9 year old boy (Yoshi) and subsequently was dared to play and last more than 10 minutes in the game.  You can read more about it here or you can view my twitter engagement on Wakelet.


The Good

I do like the social element of working in teams which is great for kids. There’s strategy involved in where you choose to start your game, how to use your resources to build shelter for defense or improve your attack, and most importantly you need to think quick if you want to be the last one standing!

The game is “free” with the option of in game purchasing packs which is typical in mobile gaming, you can buy starter packs in console gaming as well.

The Bad

I really had limited time playing this game, remember 7 minutes!  My comments here don’t really reflect this game more so the effects on youth in general.  This game is apparently 13+, the fact that a 9 year old boy new more about this than I did doesn’t really surprise me.  Kids are growing up faster today and it’s all driven by technology & social media.  Games are games and will always be highly addictive. The battle for screen time just keeps getting worse for parents

The Ugly

With any game that’s built around a community platform there’s always a risk of kids being exposed to poor behavior. Online behavior and safety is everyone’s responsibility.   Parents will always educate their kids on what the boundaries are but we all need to do our part.  Developers, gamers, streamers all need to help moderate whats being said and make it a safe and enjoyable environment for all.


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