What is Fortnite?


I wouldn’t say I’m a gamer, but I do indulge in some PS3, PS4 and Nintendo 64 once in a blue moon, sounds like I’m the opposite based on the aforementioned, I know!  I decided to open You Tube and search gaming to see what came up.  First thing I saw was “Fortnite on Insane $20,000 Gaming PC” from Unbox Therapy (I love their vids so great coincidence!).  Video aside my interest gravitated to trying to figure out what Fortnite was about.

You Tube Screen Shot
YouTube Screen Shot: Gaming

I did some research and found that Fortnite is a survival game.  Fortnite is set in present-day Earth, where the sudden appearance of a worldwide storm causes 98% of the world’s population to disappear, and zombie-like creatures rise to attack the remainder.  Your job, plain and simple, survive.


I’ve heard about Fortnite before and have seen mentions of it on YouTube & Twitter trends but never glanced at it.  I decided it was time to ask a reliable source, a nine-year-old boy who I’ll name Yoshi (his favorite toy) and here’s what he had to say:

Yoshi stealing my PS4 Controller, don’t worry I really did interview a real person!


Me: What is Fortnite?

Yoshi: It’s a game that you can play on iPad, iPhone, android & computers.


Me: Is the game free?

Yoshi: Yes.


Me: What do you like about this game?

Yoshi: Surviving.


Me: What’s fun about surviving?

Yoshi: You get to play on a team to make it easier and it’s more fun with other people. I like to explore and get materials.


Me: What do you learn from this game?

Yoshi: I have to save the world from zombies and monsters.


Me: Is the game violent?

Yoshi: Yes because of the guns but there’s no blood.


Me: What is the most violent game you’ve played?

Yoshi: Fortnite. But it doesn’t bother me, I’m only scared of losing.


Me: If you had to choose one game to play which one would it be? Fortnite, Roblox, Minecraft or something else?

Roblox because it has mini games in it and you can make your own games.
Me: Do you think I should Play it?

Yoshi: Yes, because its fun and you can play with me.


Me: How long can do you think I can last in my first game?

Yoshi: 10 Minutes because you’re just a beginner.

Okay, did this 9-year-old just trash talk me?  I’ve been challenged and now I feel that I have to beat this 10-minute mark.   Let’s see what all the hype is about, will I get hooked? How fast will I die? Will I think it’s too Violent?


Stay tuned for the conclusion, time to fire up the PS4!

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