What is Fortnite? Conclusion.

In my last blog I discovered what Fortnite was about, interviewed a 9 year old boy (Yoshi) and subsequently was dared to play and last more than 10 minutes in the game.  You can read more about it here or you can view my twitter engagement on Wakelet.   The Good I do like the... Continue Reading →

What is Fortnite?

I wouldn’t say I’m a gamer, but I do indulge in some PS3, PS4 and Nintendo 64 once in a blue moon, sounds like I'm the opposite based on the aforementioned, I know!  I decided to open You Tube and search gaming to see what came up.  First thing I saw was “Fortnite on Insane... Continue Reading →

The SMART Way to Lose Weight

So, I don’t really remember what kind of tech would have been used in the in the 80’s for all you active lifestyle readers but I highly doubt that it’s anything like what we have today.   At best I remember having a Timex Iron Man watch only because I liked the way it looked lol.  Other... Continue Reading →

The Journey Begins

    Thanks for stopping by and Welcome to my blog.  Let's reminisce on the gadgets we grew up loving, some even making a comeback like Vinyl, and share memories on what it was like before you were connected to everything.

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